Sunday, August 28, 2011

Parenting - Good Ideas, Bad Ideas

As much as I’d like to say that my wife and I have made no mistakes over the last 6 months of raising our daughter, that’s just not possible.  So with some examples of our own mistakes and other good/bad ideas I could think of, I’ve put together 10 sets of good ideas and bad ideas.  I just won’t mention which ones we’ve actually done and which ones I’ve made up.  Enjoy!

1.       Good Idea – Buying and using a new car seat that provides the best protection in case of an accident.
x.       Bad Idea – Forgetting to secure the straps of that car seat before driving somewhere.  Oops.
2.       Good Idea – Playing “superman/superwoman” with your child, “flying” them up and down and all around the room much to their delight.
x.       Bad Idea – Playing superman/superwoman with your child right after eating.  Just be prepared for cleanup on aisle…everywhere.
3.       Good Idea – Providing your child with breast milk so they can get the nutrients and antibodies to help them get a healthy start.
x.       Bad Idea – Providing your child with someone else’s breast milk that was in a similar bottle.  Whoops.
4.       Good Idea – Helping your spouse with the diaper duty so you both get to share the responsibility of changing diapers.
x.       Bad Idea – Assuming your spouse has changed the diaper recently and find out that night that no diaper change was made.  Can we say diaper rash?
5.       Good Idea – Talk in third person to your baby so they can learn “mama” and “dada.”  (I’m trying to get “dada” as her first word)
x.       Bad Idea – Talk in third person to your boss, as he or she will certainly not agree when you say “I think daddy deserves a raise.”
6.       Good Idea – Getting up after a long night’s sleep to feed your baby when he or she wakes.
x.       Bad Idea – Getting up and feeding thinking it’s been a long night when in fact it’s only been a few hours since they went to sleep.  Say goodbye to the next day’s schedule.
7.       Good Idea – Taking your child on a trip.
x.       Bad Idea – Taking your child on a trip and forgetting the diaper bag.
8.       Good Idea – Giving family members pictures of your beautiful baby for birthdays or Christmas.
x.       Bad Idea – Wrapping the picture frame and forgetting to change the picture from the stock-photo baby.
9.       Good Idea – Going to yard sales to find inexpensive second-hand baby items.
x.       Bad Idea – Going to that yard sale and leaving the baby in the car. (Haven’t done that one)
10.   Good Idea – Thinking of a great baby name for your baby girl.
x.       Bad Idea – Refusing to really change that baby name when you find out your baby girl is actually a baby boy  (Jefftina, Jeffinda, Jeffifer, etc.).

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